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Karakoç A.Ş. was established in 1976 to produce high quality tools, cold formed sheet metal parts and mechanical & hydraulic press machines for the automative industry, home appliance industry, defense and marine industry.

It produces high quality products for all its customers such as Hyundai, Teknik Malzeme and Faurecia.

Today, high grade sheet metals are used in automative industry. Karakoç A.Ş. produces presses particulary suitable for forming these high grade sheet metals and their high quantity production. It also gives different solutions to its customers for different needs. It manifactures press machines varied from 45 tons to 3200 tons to satisfy all kind of requirements.

In 2004, laset cutting units were included in the machinery manufacturing. It is optimized and designed for lowering operating costs. This cost-effective laser machine has 4kW high speed cutting capacity, specifically cutting indigenous materials. Karakoç A.Ş. produces laser machines ranged in power from 2.5kW to 6kW.

Karakoç A.Ş. is aware of the importance of effective product development and improvement. It has ISO/TS 16949/2002 quality certificate to satisfy all customers with its high quality. It gives services to various industries with its high technology for more than 30 years. Its mission is produce higher quality each time and it makes customer satisfaction its top priority.

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