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Designing Phase

  1. Customer needs and requirements are evaluated. Product manufacturing feasibilty is discussed. Customers are informed and then pre-design calculations are made.
  2. The preliminary design is made, according to the customer requirements or standard product specifications, using Solidworks and Catia programs.
  3. All designs are checked. The computer analysis is performed using Solidworks Simulation.
  4. The necessary improvements are made according to the result of analysis.
  5. Possible collision and jams are simulated on the computer. The results are analyzed to assess the compatibility of manufacturing.

Production Phase

  1. Product material planning and procurement is done, after finalizing the design phase.
  2. Defining the resources to produce the product in the current conditions, is done.
  3. Production is made on the latest technology CNC machines with high sensitivity.
  4. Finished manufactured products are assembled.

Advantages of KLP Presses

  1. Using herringbone gears on the presses, to provide quiet operation and eliminate axial-forces on the mechanism.
  2. Using Plunger Guide to eliminate forces on the slides. It helps to provide long tool life and high sensitive part production.
  3. High pressure lubrication helps to provide trouble-free and less wear mechanism.
  4. High tonnage hydraulic and eccentric press production ability.
  5. Linear bearing.

    Plunger Guide

Quick Die/Mould Change System

Using quick mould change system provides;
  1. Time saving by changing the moulds easily.
  2. Ability to work with more than one mould on one press and prevention of any damage on connection plates.
  3. Adaptation to any mould easily.
  4. Prevent possibility of deformation on the plate by transmitting all mould weight to its own bottom table.
  5. Capability of wide range adjustment because of sliding connection equipment.
  6. Depending on the mould; easily decrease the time of changing mould down to 15-20 minutes, from classical change time 30-60 minutes, by sliding the connection equipment on the correct position.
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