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KLPD 3200H


3200 tons presses meets all requirements for high tonnage works. These machines have linear guide, tie-rod design and 5000x2000 moving table dimensions.

Feature Unit
Plate Dimensions 5000x2000 mm
Ram Plate 2000x5000x2150 mm
Mould Weight 30000 kg
Max Landing Speed 300 mm/sn
Max Take Off Speed 200 mm/sn
Max Running Speed 25 mm/sn
Max Take Off Pressure 200 bar
Max Woring Pressure 245 bar
Pot Table Working Pressure 250 bar
Moving Table Locking Pressure 150 bar
Stroke 1200 mm
Motor Power 2 x 550 kW
Weight 225 Ton
Overal Dimensions 3550x10100x21600 mm
Allocating Space Dimensions (Hydrolic Unit) 20000x20600
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