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Feature Values Unit
Press Body Monoblock
Connecting Rod Number 1
Tam Table 1800x1400 mm
Press Power 8000 kN
Impact Points 15 mm
Stroke (Fixed) 200 mm
Number of Impact 30/40 rpm
Max. Closed Height (h') 450 mm
Regulating Set Form Otomatik --
Max. Regulating Set 250 mm
Ram Table Dimensions (Left to Right - Front to Rear)(b') 1800X1400 mm
Lower Table Dimensions (b') (Left to Right - Front to Rear) 1800X1400 mm
Dimension Between Lateral Column(d') 620 mm
Main Engine 75 kW
RPM 1400 rpm
Dimensions (b) 5000 mm
Fron to Rear(e) 2500 mm
Height (a) 6300 mm
Apprx. Weight 50 ton
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