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Karakoc A.S. was founded by our Chairman of the Board Mr. Remzi Karakoc, in 1976, as a small workshop, landed on 48 m2 in Konya and started working on tooling for the automotive industry. Karakoc A.S. has carried out its production of cold formed sheet metal parts and eccentric presses, with its devoted and continuously developing profile since 1987. In 2004, laser cutting units were included in the machinery manufacturing. Karakoc A.S. is a valuable company for Turkey. It is a continuously developing sector leader, has advanced technology and can satisfy Turkey’s needs. It is a dynamic firm focused on customer needs, targeted to be one of the innovative manufacturing companies and the leader of stamping and laser cutting technologies, producing cold formed sheet metal parts, tools, welding and assembly products.

Karakoc A.S. has performed tool designs and sheet metal processes for auto industry more than 34 years. It is able to offer one step solutions for sheet metal and value-added assemblies from simple parts to complicated assemblies. The power of Karakoc A.S. is hidden in the 34 years of successful part and process developments. This factor helps our customers to compete in the global market. It supports customer satisfaction in all departments in the organization. Karakoc A.S. is aware of its responsibility in the determined developing process without compromising the highest ethical standards of corporate citizenship for its employees, suppliers, customers and the society.

Karakoc A.S. is one of the Turkish Market leaders with its Serial Manufacturing Group (cold formed sheet metal, welding and assembly parts production), Tooling Group (tooling and fixture production) and Technology Group (eccentric press, hydraulic press and laser cutting machine production). This leadership was accomplished by its expertise in tooling, sheet metal forming, its customer loyalty and continuous investments in human resources and technology.

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