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Our Vision

In order to meet customer needs and expectations distinctly and continuously with our employees and develop our sustainable competition ability with our customers, we offer;

  • To create value,
  • High quality,
  • Innovative and reliable products, technical solutions and services.

Our Mission

In order to become a national and global market leader in the automotive and technology industry, our mission is, to become an international company, able to;

  • Meet customer needs and expectations with long-term customer relations
  • Increase its portfolio as a globally preferred company
  • Adapt employee satisfaction and development as a corporative culture
  • Be the ideal innovative company in the product and process design
  • Take preemptive corporate social responsibility
  • Achieve sustainable profit growth by using all continuous development tools and become a global company with its measurable values

Quality Policy

Karakoc Group is adapting the strategic management model, focused on operations for its ability to compete in the global market and its continuous developing. It is performing all its processes (cold formed sheet metal, welding and assembly part production, tooling and fixture) and machinery productions (press machines and laser cutting machines) depending on customer satisfaction. Karakoc A.S. quality policy based on five factors:

  • Completely understand and meet customer needs and expectations on time and give the same quality every each time and make it better.
  • Work harmoniously with environmental factors with respect to the future.
  • Train all employees adequately and increase market share and competition power in a team work environment by using quality, cost and productivity elements.
  • Manage all targets effectively.
  • Improve continuously with all customers, suppliers and employees.

Environmental Policy

  • Prevent our waste products to pollute air, water and land
  • Save energy and materials
  • Produce less waste products
  • Use recyclable materials
We will share all these principles with everyone and improve them continuously.

Laboratory Quality Policy

Follow all continuous development strategy established by KARAKOÇ A.Ş. in the main targets which are:

  • Follow all the technological developments within today's changing circumstances.
  • Plan and perform all the trainings and developments for all employees in order to follow technological developments.
  • Perform reliable measurements and test with reliable test equipments which has international traceability and fixed calibration system.


  • Three-dimensional measurement (Brown & Sharpe DEA Equipment, PcDMS Program)
  • Verification Activity


  • Coating (paint) Thickness Test ( Paint Thickness Measurement Device)


  • Welding Rupture Test
  • Hardness Testing Device
  • Fixture Controls
  • Torque Test (Torque Meter)
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